Past Paragraphs

Prompt 79: Conspiracy

All of Keith’s friends had stopped coming around. The conspiracy theories he purported were too much. He spent all of his spare time building out reports and connecting the dots between events; events everyone else ignored. Keith couldn’t ignore them. He knew what was really going on, knew that there was something sinister and so deeply engrained in the fabric of society, the elite slept at night even while committing egregious acts. Keith was not longer blind to the madness, even while everyone else was asleep. If the truth meant giving up the people he cared about, then so be it. They’d see the light someday and come back to him. He just needed more proof.

Prompt 78: Roanoke

“CROATOAN. What did it mean?” John wondered. It had been three years since he’d been back to the colony he founded. The Queen had ordered him to battle while returning to England for supplies. He didn’t know how long he’d be gone when he left, but he was certain he’d have a home when he came back. Now, standing where his town once stood, John was puzzled and worried. All of the buildings, the people, and even the livestock; they were just…gone. Only the word “CROATOAN” carved into a tree was left. “What on Earth happened here?”

Prompt 77: Vacation

Corinne hadn’t taken a vacation in years. Opening a restaurant had been her dream and she was willing to give up everything to make it happen. After years of struggle, broken relationships, and near financial ruin, she’d done it. Her restaurant was booked out for three months and talks of a second location had been swirling. Before she was willing to commit, she needed to get away, so for the first time since the doors of La Maison SalĂ©e opened, Corinne was not going to be there to oversee the night. What she couldn’t have known when she handed over the keys to her second in command, it would be the last time she saw them.

Prompt 76: Meet Eustace

I can’t believe after eight hundred years I still have to do this. My name is Eustace, but you’ve probably only ever heard me referred to as Dracula or maybe the Count? The stories about me range from turning into a bat to being allergic to garlic, and there’s still some debate surrounding if I’m a billionaire playboy. Then of course there’s the blood sucking thing. Well, unfortunately, that was true in the middle ages, but I’ve since perfected a synthetic blend that you can buy in a store, but for legal reasons, I can’t tell you the name. So, why am I telling you all of this? Because although I’ve spent my life watching my name and image be used in ways I could not believe, I have a soft spot for humans and you all are in serious trouble.

Prompt 75: The Unknown

“Today we are making history,” began Commander Rawlings. The room was silent, but the anticipation and fear in the crew’s eyes could be felt miles away. “We are but one of eight million species on this planet, but we have become her stewards. We must take this responsibility seriously. Today you, the crew of the Preserver, will take on humanities greatest task. We’ve let humanity take our home to the brink of destruction but we can prevail.” Rawlings voice was as steady as his gaze and although the room was filled with despair, there was hope in his voice. “It’s time to move out team, let’s go, go go!”

Prompt 74: Invasion

When they landed, the people of Earth were oblivious. Everyone had always expected the type of invasion they saw on tv; a large ship with hostile, human like figures. An enemy that was smart, but similar enough that the fight would feel winnable. No one expected an intelligent species could exist in a body the size of a raindrop. When the first city fell, scientists blamed an outbreak of a deadly flu virus. When ten more cities crumbled in a span of three days the world started to panic. The fight had begun and the human race was losing.

Prompt 73: Status Quo

“We are not here to change the constitution. Our forefathers put together this great document and it has led our country to prosperity for the last one hundred years!” The chamber erupted into applause as the senator continued to pace the senate floor. He was sweating, tired, and his voice was hoarse, but there was no way he was going stop his filibuster. “Violence is an unfortunate part of life, and we need to get better at helping the people before they commit these terrible acts, but keeping guns out of the hands of Americans spits in the face of the founders.” Another applause from the gallery. A few more hours and the bill would be dead and his re-election fund would be much larger. It was a shame what happened to those kids, he thought, but it would be even more shameful if he didn’t get re-elected.

Prompt 72: Issues

Bridgette gently rapped on the door, loud enough to make a noise, but quiet enough to betray her hidden hopes that no one would actually answer. She quickly counted to five in her head, turned on her heel and was about to start rushing for the car, when the sound of latches and tumblers made her stop. The door opened behind her, “Bri?”. His voice was frail and though she hadn’t heard it in years, there was no denying who it belonged to. Bridgette turned back to face the man that ruined her life. “Hi Dad.”

Prompt 71: Queen Samiya

She was only a child of thirteen when her parents wed her. Samiya never wanted to be married, but was powerless to stop it. Her destiny had always been to marry a prince, despite her best laid plans to derail fate. She was the eldest daughter of a royal family and that meant she would one day wear the crown. It was certain. Her chosen prince; however, was a horrible man. The stories of his triumphs were eclipsed only by the screams of the innocents who died at his hand. Samiya would not allow this type of man to rule beside her. As quickly as the marriage was consummated, Samiya was plotting her new husband’s demise.

Prompt 70: Solitary

Ron’s cabin sat in a meadow, forty five miles from civilization. Getting to it required a three hour drive from the city, followed by a twenty minute hike through the dense forest fauna. The small cabin blended perfectly into its surroundings and was easily missed if you didn’t know you were looking for it. Ron didn’t build this cabin for a getaway from most people, this was a hiatus from all of society. A special place where convention was replaced with seclusion and Ron’s plans could take shape without prying eyes.