Past Paragraphs

Prompt 179: Truth

We are taught that truth is undeniable. That truth will set you free. But at an early age, we learn that lying can be much more powerful. When truth becomes obscured because loud voices vociferously fight against it, we are left in a state of doubt. We doubt our eyes and ears. We doubt our friends. We doubt our past. And once doubt has crippled our ability to appreciate truth we must either live with uncertainty or fall in line with a group that is the most confident in their lies. That is how they came for us. It wasn’t with brute strength, but with boisterous lies and unrelenting degradation of “false truths”. When the people were filled with doubt, they looked to the ones who spoke the loudest and eventually truth was no longer undeniable, but malleable. Those who continue to fight for truth have been labeled traitors and the fight is only getting harder.

Prompt 178: A Decision

There is a single moment in a life, one decision, forever changing the course of that life. Sometimes, the decision goes unnoticed. A choice whose repercussions are not felt for years, maybe even decades. Other choices show their consequences abruptly. Like not wearing a seatbelt and the accident that follows. Consequences are unknown to the decision maker, but not to me. I see all decisions and the stories that play out across the billions of people on planet Earth. For this gift, I have been locked away, used by the powerful to maintain their power and control. But a new branch of outcomes has recently emerged with the birth of a young child and the consequences I see are worrisome to the powerful. They’ve forced me to share the single moment that could steal their power and they now know what needs to be done. The hunt begins.

Prompt 177: Sir Marten

“What are you waiting for?” yelled Sir Marten. The young infantry man stood frozen, unable to move as the war raged around him; he was in shock. Sir Marten leapt from behind his cover and ran over to the solider. He pushed him out of the way and with a swing of his sword he let loose a flurry of fiery rocks from the trebuchet. Sir Marten grabbed the soldier by his armor, pulled his face in close, and screamed, “Get it together or get off the damn field!” and threw the soldier back into the dirt. Looking out across the battlefield, the morning sun had now risen high above the trees, and the battlefield sparkled as light touched the armor of the fallen. This was one of the bloodiest battles he’d ever been in and it was nowhere close to being over.

Prompt 176: Last Summer

It was an old barn, a little worn, a little weathered, but still standing and still good for rolling around in the hay; Elijah and Paisley were doing just that. The moonlight seeped through the old barn, providing just enough light that Elijah couldn’t help but look upon Paisley’s beautiful face. The summer had come and gone faster than the blooming period of a daylily and this was the last summer they’d spend together. Tomorrow, Elijah was off to college and this high school romance would be coming to an end. But tonight, they had the stars, the moon, and each other.

Prompt 175: Multiverse

Life exists across infinite planes of reality. Every possible outcome of any given scenario generates a new universe, a new timeline, in which the scenario is carried to its end. The person we assume ourselves to be and the memories we keep are those of one path among an infinite number of possibilities. In this multiverse exists a version of yourself that is living every dream you’ve ever had as well as one that is living ever fear. Among us lives a group of people who understand the multiverse and how to access their other paths. They are gifted the ability to instantaneously see the best decision to make at all times. Throughout the years they have lived as Gods among men amassing fortunes beyond our wildest dreams. But a child, born to a family of no consequence, will change everything.

Prompt 174: Act of War

The general was deep in thought about the attack planned for tomorrow that he didn’t hear the knock at his chamber door. His plan was close to perfection. Though nothing is guaranteed on the battlefield, the dance he choreographed for his battalions was beautiful. Another set of slightly louder rasps on the door caught his ear. “You may enter,” he called in a voice stern from years of commanding troops. The young private now standing in the general’s quarters looked nervous. “Spit it out, private!” the general commanded. The private uncovered his concealed weapon and before the general had any time to react, three shots were fired and the general collapsed to the floor.

Prompt 173: Betrayal

The night was beautiful. Christine and Joel were ice skating in Rockefeller Square; barely able to keep themselves upright, but laughing hysterically at how goofy they both looked. The air was crisp, the sky was clear, and it was just cold enough that cozying up to each other was the best way to stay warm. After a particularly hard fall, Joel thought it was a good time get off the ice and grab a warm hot chocolate. They got off their skates and found a place to sit, drinking in the hot cocoa and each other. It was a perfect night but it would be the last. For now, the revelations of the morning were still impossibly far away but like the rising sun wiping away the darkness of the night, the betrayal was inevitable.

Prompt 172: Purgatory

On Earth, people are conned into believing that living their lives a certain way is the only path to heaven. But for those souls stuck between heaven and hell, there’s me. I’ve been smuggling souls into heaven for three thousand years; for a price. Most people call me the Ferry Man and if your sinful soul needs a heavenly touch, I’m your guy. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a shipment to make.

Prompt 171: Extortion

Margaret was fuming. This was the third time she’d been passed for a promotion. She knew she was more talented and more driven, but apparently she wasn’t a man enough for the boys club. She wasn’t just imagining this is why she got passed over, oh no. Her boss was kind enough to explain to her, seeming almost proud of himself for being honest, that “women do not have the right equipment,” he said, gesturing below her waist, “to lead with the boys.” As she drove home, an idea began to form. It was time to make the company pay.

Prompt 170: Diagnosis

Though the doctor was still talking, Gretchen had stopped listening at the word cancer. “What am I going to do?” she wondered as the Doctor continued delivering the worst news she’d ever had. There was a long enough pause in the word stream coming from the Doctor that Gretchen realized she needed to say something, “Okay” was all she could muster as the Doctor stood up. Apparently, it was time to leave. Gretchen walked out of the office and into the crisp autumn air before collapsing on a bench and starting to cry.”What am I going to do?” she said to herself. Gretchen’s thoughts turned to her dreams and ambitions and the thought that she would never see them through. They felt like fantasies only a foolish child would covet. “I need a plan,” she thought as she wiped away her tears.