Prompt 192: Flight Plan

Serena couldn’t believe she was finally on the plane that would take her to Italy. Her entire life she’d dreamed about visiting the ancient ruins and walking the streets, gelato in hand, speaking fluent Italian. She settled in to her seat and looked out the window, beaming with excitement. The rest of the plane was still filling up so she pulled out her phone and sent some messages. By the time she was finishing up, the flight attendant was walking by and everyone started getting ready for take-off. Looked like today was her lucky day, there was no one in the seat next to her. As she looked around the plan, she noticed a man, good looking, but seemed a little hungover. He was sweaty and looked like he didn’t want to be on the plane. Serena ignored it and decided to get a little sleep. As the wheels lifted off the runway, she couldn’t help but take one more look at the sweaty man across the aisle and that was when she knew that no one would be sleeping on this flight.

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