Prompt 190: Ring of Souls

“It’s late, I think I should get going!” Mikail didn’t realize he was yelling, but the club music was so loud it was impossible to hear anything. His friend looked back with a disappointed, but defeated look, knowing there was nothing he could do to keep Mikail from going. Mikail put on his jacket, gave one last nod to his friend and headed out the door. The night was chilly, so Mikail put his hands into his pockets and felt something he hadn’t expected. He pulled out the mysterious item in his pocket and, to his surprise, it was glowing. Mikail held the ring and turned it over, enraptured by the glow of this foreign object he now held. He couldn’t resist; he put the ring on his finger. As the ring fell to the ground and rolled, there was no sign of Mikail. He was gone.

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