Prompt 103: Migrant

A new life was only a few more miles away. The journey had not been easy, but the dream of a safe life in America kept the Dominguez family hopeful. It had been a long three-week journey through Mexico but they were getting close. Roberto forced his family to leave and, although they obeyed the request, they still didn’t really understand why. His family shipping business had refused the “honor” of running drugs for one of Honduras’s most notorious crime families, the Rivera’s. Roberto had watched countless members of their community agree to help the family, only to find them dead in the streets a few weeks later. Roberto couldn’t let that happen. After his visit from the Rivera’s, he went home and told his family to pack up and get on the road. They listened and acted without hesitation; he’d never been so proud of them for their trust. Now, just a few more miles from a dream, Roberto¬† got word about the reality of why they left. Their home, one that had been in the family for one hundred years, had been burned to the ground. Roberto wiped a tear from his eye as he listened to the devastating voicemail. He could not let his family know until they were safe. They were exhausted but he needed them to keep moving because the last part of the message made him realize that the Rivera’s weren’t going to let him leave so easily.

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