Prompt 102: Thing from the Deep

“Why did they send us out here?” Martin questioned, “It’s disgustingly hot. My clothes are now permanently stuck to my body. And I might as well not even be wearing my underwear.” The rest of the crew exchanged glances. None of them were very excited about being there, but only Martin made sure to complain. The four soldiers were walking slowly through the marsh, guns at the ready. A distress beacon had been picked up on the scanners and their crew was ordered to check it out. It had been an hour since they started searching the spot where the signal was coming from but they’d found nothing. “This is ridiculous. Let’s just go.” Nobody bothered to entertain Martin’s complaints with an answer as they continued pressing forward. Captain Andrea’s fist shot up and the team stopped. She’d heard something just ahead and couldn’t have Martin complaining while she figured out what was there. The team reeled to the right, this time they all heard it, but no one had eyes. Then, as if plucked like a flower, Martin was gone.

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