Prompt 101: Ashley

Ashley woke up to the screams of her newborn. She was disoriented and exhausted.This was the fourth night in a row that the baby had woken up at 3:00am and the lack of sleep was taking its toll. Her husband had to travel for business; she’d begged him not to go. Deep down she knew he had to leave though, it was his work that allowed her to be a stay at home mom, which is what she thought she’d always wanted. In the dark night, alone with a crying baby though, she reconsidered the idea of a desk job. Luckily, tonight’s rendezvous was short and Ashley managed to keep herself from falling asleep in the baby room chair. She gently placed her baby back into the crib, gave her daughter a kiss, and headed back for bed. The intruder wasn’t expecting to see anyone and jumped back when Ashley turned the corner, knocking a vase off the console table.

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