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Prompt 14: The Train

The train was late, again. For the third day in a row, a huddled mass stood on the outdoor platform getting drenched by the incessant rain. The platform attendant watched as the crowd grew larger. You can tell a lot about a person watching them wait for a late train in the rain. There are the business people, frantically checking their phones. The young couples holding each other and taking advantage of the delay by stealing a few extra kisses. And then, there was Charlie.

Prompt 13: Sal’s Big Day

Sal woke up. His head pounding, as if he’d spent the entire night drinking. But something more incredible had happened than a great night out with friends. Sal had saved a life. In fact, he’d saved multiple lives. There was a time when Sal’s life consisted mostly of drudgery. Waking up, going to the office, talking about the latest movie or Blue Jays game with coworkers, pretending to work, then going home and watching television until he passed out. That all changed just a few weeks ago.

Prompt 12: Miles Goes West

Spurs, hats, and leather chaps filled the dusty streets. Yet, one hooded man stood out like a chicken in a pig pen. His “Ivy League Dropout” starter pack, replete with hooded sweatshirt, cargo shorts, and flip-flops, no longer functioned as nerd camo. In fact, Miles’s outfit worked as a beacon, drawing the gaze of a bewildered, though much better dressed, audience.

Prompt 11: Ivory Tower

Queen Marietta could not block the incessant calls for impeachment that echoed through her chambers. The commoners had turned against her. It was an odd feeling, being sequestered in the castle while the rumblings below grew louder with each passing day, but the Queen had been using this time to plan her next move. Although the commoners felt in control right now, they had little hope of removing her from her throne.

Prompt 10: Space Hunter

When Dillon Skarleta told his parents he was going to space, they were so proud. It had only been a few years since Earth had started colonizing other planets and it took more than just a few million dollars to become an interplanetary citizen, you needed skills. What Dillon’s parents didn’t know were the skills he possessed involved something rarely talked about in the open.

Prompt 9: Money Speaks

The bell rung and the exchange was open. Lucas always said he knew this was would happen, but now that it was, he couldn’t believe it. A hispanic boy from the Bronx ringing the bell for the launch of his IPO. It may have taken Lucas 35 years to get here, but the work was really just about to begin.

Prompt 8: Lucky Lotto

Three golden clovers appeared and a day later Shane was nowhere to be found. The buzz of the big win and subsequent disappearance had the whole town of Clemingsfield on edge. “Was It Foul Play?” read the local newspapers headlines. No one could be sure, but Detective Crowe started his morning with a cup of black coffee, like every other day.

Prompt 7: Simple

Mary was a simple woman. She lived in a simple house on a simple hill. Her favorite way to pass the time was by simply staring out a window. For all intents and purposes, Mary was a dullard. But this dullard had no idea how her simple world was slowing getting more complex with every second she spent looking through her window. You see the universe had much grander plans for Mary’s simple life. And the universe was finally ready for an unveiling.

Prompt 6: They’re Coming

Fuck. They are coming. No matter how many times I lock myself up behind a barricaded door, I’m stuck running. It’s been like this for as long as I can remember. We were told there was a time when we lived like Kings, were we had full reign over our planet. Just a story. No one alive can vouch for this story and survival has replaced that mythical tale.

Prompt 5: Game Changer

I am a loser. A loser in life. A loser in love. A loser in just about every thing I attempt. It had always been this way from as long as I can remember. I honestly thought that it was always going to be that way. But something powerful happened. It started with a small change. Something I could have done years ago, but never did. It started, when I took a new walking route to work.