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Prompt 24: Difficult Decisions

Martin loved making difficult decisions, that’s why he got into politics. The idea that his choices could shape generations appealed to his narcissistic side. He also knew his good looks and charm gave him an edge over his political rivals and he made sure to use them as needed. Every difficult decision he made in life was leading up to the most difficult decision he’d ever have to make as President.

Prompt 23: Lifelong Love

There had only ever been Evelyn. Since we were six years old and she knocked my front tooth out because I told her she was pretty, I knew. We had spent our entire lives together. First as neighbours, then friends, and finally sweethearts. Sitting next to her now, holding her hand, I couldn’t help but think back on that first day we met.

Prompt 22: Armageddon

The world would end today. Of course, nobody knew this was going to happen, could you imagine the panic? A world ending event and everyone was aware? It would be madness! No, the only people up in arms about the world coming to end had been standing on street corners for years declaring the end of the world. So, it’s not really fair to count them as being “in the know”. Before the end times; however, one lucky person was about to learn about the fate of humanity.

Prompt 21: Birthday

Another year, another birthday special; a slice of Chicago’s finest with a shot of whiskey. Liam Benjamin had spent more years than he’d like to admit, but fewer years than his face showed, celebrating this way. The last time his birthday included other people, he was a teenager, but even then, there was still pizza and whiskey.

Prompt 20: Champion

When Kyle told his parents that one day, he was going to be a NBA superstar their reaction was suspected. They chuckled and gave a supportive, yet doubtful hair tussle; the way loving parents encourage kids to dream while hoping they pick a stable career, like accounting. That image flashed through Kyle’s mind right as his teammates helped him up to the foul line.

Prompt 19: Guns and Grit

Two men stood at each end of Main Street, hands floating above their holsters. This was the fifth duel of the week and the fifth Sheriff now stood across from Bullseye Billy. Not a single other person dared to walk outside as the clock, perched high above the street in the unfinished clock tower, showed one minute to noon.

Prompt 18: Replay

Three. Two. One. The curtains raised and with a final deep breath, Olivia made her way to her mark. This was the final curtain call of Broadway’s hottest, now longest running, show, “The Murder at St. Tropez”. It was the first time Olivia had starred in a show this well received, but it wasn’t the first time she’d lived it. No, she’d lived this dream many times before.

Prompt 17: Another Planet

The second sunrise had just crossed the horizon as Addison returned home to his apartment. He had been out with an off-planet tourist, visiting Zulrade for their first time. The night had been going well, but not well enough that Addison avoided coming home alone. Now that both stars were shining, it would only be a few hours before he’d have to prepare for work and without a companion, pushing through the work day on no sleep was less compelling.

Prompt 16: Back to School

“But, I don’t want to!” wailed Maryanne as she threw her bag on the ground and kicked off her shoes. There was nothing new to this tantrum. Maryanne had done the same thing since first grade. Now that she was entering sixth however, her mom had hoped they could skip this phase and go directly to after school, where Maryanne gleefully talked about her first day adventures.

Prompt 15: Skyscrapers

From the forty-fifth floor on a clear and sunny day, the city looked infinitesimal. In every direction, the mass of buildings battled the horizon. It was captivating and disorienting. Looking down from the top of the building stood a man. He was contemplating the horizon right up until he hit the ground.